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  • 47 Forrest Ave, Bunbury, Western Australia, 6230
  • Tel: 08 9721 7808
  • Fax: (08) 9791 1065
  • Toll Free: 1800 017 333
  • info@bunburymotel.com.au


Bunbury Apartment Motel is bracing for what will be an extremely tough period of time.

Our response to the crisis is constantly being reviewed and decisions are being made on a daily basis.

In recent times we have been monitoring the spread of coronavirus and our management team has been very focused on our response.  We are closely following the advice of the Public Health Services and you can see specific information for hotels here:-https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-hotel-guests

Our number one priority is the safety and health of our staff, our customers and our business.

We have introduced measures to both reduce risk and still provide service as best we can and while we can.

Acting on the advice from state and federal health departments these measures include:

Our cleaning procedure for each room ends with a thorough hand cleaning regime on the part of the housekeeper, ensuring the risk of room-to-room transfer of any bugs is kept to a minimum.

We do our own laundry at Bunbury Apartment Motel and therefore have 100% control of the temperature and treatment used to wash all our linen.

We ask that you please advise us if there are any further precautions you wish us to undertake to secure the safety of your valued employees.

We thank you for your continued business, we really appreciate it

Kind Regards,
Gilbert Dingjan & team
Bunbury Apartment Motel